Friday, January 20, 2012

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Yes, I know that pretty much everyone else has already swatched up China Glaze Ruby Pumps. But that is the color I chose to wear for this week and so that is going to be my first swatch post. The only photos I have were taken under my Ott Lamp. Today was horribly cloudy and there just wasn't enough light for decent photos.

Name: Ruby Pumps
Manufacturer: China Glaze

Color: Red Glitter in Red Jelly
Application: Seche Clear base coat. 1 thin coat Ruby Pumps, then 2 medium coats Ruby Pumps. Seche Vite top coat. Ruby Pumps went on very well. The thin coat was a bit streaky, but the next two coats evened it out beautifully.
Overall Impression: 5/5 This is a gorgeous nail color and it is easy to see why so many love it. The glitter inside seems to glow and gives Ruby Pumps a very dimensional look. It goes on nice and shiny. Seche Vite just brought out the glow even more.

Wear: I decided to do a full post about how hard I am on my nails and used this polish to do so. You can find that post here.

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