Thursday, February 2, 2012

Regular Nail Wear

 During the week I would usually touch up my nails as they wear or chip. And that happens A LOT! I work table games in a casino and my hands see a lot of action, especially on the craps table. However, I wanted to show what my nails go through on a weekly basis. So, I left my nail polish on for a week with no touch ups to show what happens to the poor things.

This is the manicure from my last post.
Seche Clear base coat
3 coats China Glaze Ruby Pumps
Seche Vite top coat

As you can see there is tip wear on all my nails. My right hand is hit the hardest because I am right hand dominant. The thumb and index are used a lot and really chip badly if I don't care for them properly.

For those of you with high demanding handwork jobs, what do you do to help with wear and chipping?

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