Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Revlon Whimsical

When I bought Whimsical, I bought two bottles. One for myself and one for my giveaway. I knew I wanted to swatch it up for you so you could see all the loveliness of it, but I couldn't decided what base I wanted to use for it. I happened to be reading through my blogs and came across Lacquer Me Silly where she had just worn Tiffany Impostor. That made me think about For Audrey. And from there it was an easy jump to using For Audrey for my base for Whimsical.

I think For Audrey was a good choice for this. However, I wasn't thrilled with Whimsical. I thought the formula was a bit thin and the hex glitter was a bit too sparse. I love the pink and blue hex glitter. I just wish more of it would make it on to the nail. And the iridescent glitter shimmers wonderfully.

I used two coats of For Audrey and two coats of Whimsical for the photos below. That was then topped with Seche Vite.

Macro Shot of Whimsical

Really Macro shot of Whimsical

You can really see some of small glitter in this one

I've currently had this mani on for three days and it is holding up better than most. I usually have major chipping after a day at work, but this time I've only had minor chipping. Not sure what was different, but I'm glad for it no matter what it is!

Have you used Whimsical? Did/Do you like it?


  1. Thanks for linking back to me! :D Whimsical looks really good over For Audrey, it's too bad that its a thin formula. I still have an unused bottle of Whimsical, but I might still hold off on wearing it now that I know I have to fish for the glitter. I'm feeling too lazy for that right now haha.

  2. I've been seeing so much of this Revlon polish lately that I think I'm going to have to pick it up. It looks great every time I see swatches of it.